3D modeling (2016)

I had so awesome opportunity to join for some months Vectary team, where I start do learn 3D modeling and designing. So, this is some of my works. I have never used any 3D modeling software before and Im not a designer, but I love it. 

So enjoy it with me : )


Glass material

I tried a glass on simple geometric model. So awesome!

Made in Blender
Rendered in Cycles

Low poly pond

I'm trying to learn Blender now. Were hard two weeks for me to watch videos and try it. Blender is complicated and not much user friendly, but it is a strong tool. 

Rohr (29.6.2016)

Made in Vectary, the space is added in graphic program.

And a gif (i think it's big, but don't know how to optimise)

Autobahn (28.6.2016)

First it was just a game with color stripes. 
But after that I realised, it's look like a highway.
Listening to Kraftwerk during modeling the name was obvious :D
Made in Vectary (the model will be available soon, after they launch whole Vectary)

Rainbow for Orlando

Made in Vectary