ERI making of

You know it. You finish some animation and after you do have a ton of not used material, many screenshots and so.

So here you go : )

BTW the final video is on the bottom.

This one came first. Made in Make human after some hours with adjustments. I like her probably the most. Than a looot of hours in Blender with animations, etc etc etc.

Than I had an idea. How will looks like to use only hands form her.

And then come the others. I’m really happy how they looks like.

Nah, I like all of them!

And the “goddess“…

Every demo need a tunnel ;)))


I start loosing consistency at some point and prepare this helping screen to keep me placing entities to rights backgrounds, so they will look like different species. OK maybe they didn’t. but I planed it like that :D.


Unused things. This sometimes happens. But maybe I will use them as assets for something else : ). And BTW, the big scene doesn’t look like this because it was so huge for rendering, that I wasn’t able to render the animation. So this is only 1 single frame I was able to do. It took circa 2.5 hours to render, so I rebuild it whole.

Aaaaand finally the result : )
Thanks to everybody who helped!