Function 2019

Was a nice event with many great people. (web)


Name: Cas Opposum
Made by: Suhanc, Aki, Laila & Axli
Compo: Animation/Wild
Ended up: 11th
Used tools: Blender, Premiere, Needle… : )
About: There is a guy, who believed in me so much, that he now has a tattoo on his leg : )


Name: ERI
Made by: Laila, Matcha, The Outsiders & Haburaj
Compo: Animation/Wild
Ended up: 5th
Used tools: Blender, Aftereffects
About: ERI, from Japanese, collar according to one scene. Entities are getting together to see their god.


Name: Yume
Made by: Laila
Compo: Freestyle Graphics
Ended up: 5th
Used tools: Blender
About: Yume means dream, dreaming at Japanese. Also its a combo of You and Me…. youme….yume. It’s about a mood, blue one, but nice one. Calm, warm emptiness of the moment. So close and still so far away. I love how the “carpet“ pattern makes almost Rorschach ink spots on the left mirrored part. And of course, finally some hair :).



Name: After Demobit
Made by: Bacter & Laila
Compo: Animation/Wild on Function 2019 demoparty
Ended up: 13
Used tools: Premiere
About: A nice after dinner with friends. Nagz also get his one, so don't worry too much : )

Aaaand that’s it.
See you next year maybe :)