My woman (2015)

I have visited Okat last week. It is the place where I cut acrylic glass. They had some off-cuts from work of the others. I got half a bag of this. You cannot make me more happy!

There were circles and ovals. I was thinking for a long time, how to use them. Maybe there is a time to get back to my old idea of building 3D visions of my dreams. On each layer there will be a piece… tree, house, road. So one vision will be one layered object. 

But i had one problem. How to stick it together? Epoxide? No, it will erode. So I buy two glues - hobby for everything and Slovak classic Hercules. 

They were both white, Hercules gets transparent when it dries. So I’m waiting…
And then I remember the best glue of my childhood - nail polish!

So I dropped a tear of it between the glass, pressed little bit and this was the result… gorgeous!

Then I just take some coloured. It’s epic awesome. Every one is different and makes different mark!

After that I looked at my table and it looked like a laboratorium. Funny, big things with nail polish : ).

So I remember, that every woman in my entourage has specific nail polishes. Some prefer pastel tones, other love dark grey, glitters, patterns and so on. So what about if I ask all the women that i know, to give me just one drop. And I will make a catalog, “medical evidence” containing all of them. I also add some little questionary about their lives. 

So…what do you think?