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Animation/Video submission

Prod name: Bathcore
Text: There will be some blinking & rotating, but a soft versions : )
Authors: Made by Laila, Music by Vokutik, Videos by Haburaj & Font by Chequered Ink
Tools used: Blender, Premiere, Clavia Nord Drum 2, Roland tr8 & Yamaha DX

Placed: 4.

Modern Graphics submission

Prod name: Nunc
Tools used: MakeHumans, Blender, Photoshop

Placed: 12.

laila_nunc_graphic_compo_revision_2019 2.png


Prod name: Was a lovely evening : )
I always wanted to try it :))
Tools used: Pablo Draw

Placed: 16.


Animated GIF submission

Prod name: Nanuo II.
Tools used: MakeHumans, Blender, Photoshop

Placed: 10.


Aaaaand that was for 2019. See you next year maybe : )

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