Solitude | pc demo | Revision 2017


This is my first demo participation.

If you want to know what I'm talking about, please, start to read this wiki page.


Btw. sorry for my horrible english. I hope it makes you laugh. Because is better than the headache of facepalming so many times : ).



  • Musk Code / Graphic effects
  • Citrus Code
  • Laila Script / Modeling
  • B-complex Music

Made for Aberration creations for Revision 2017


Youtube link

Pouet link


We all walk around this planet. Desperately looking and searching for happiness. For the feeling be accepted and loved. We do almost anything to feel somebody like us. This is a story of searching in solitude.


Maybe you don't know about the Matias last production of this track. It's a music version of J. Werich toughs. Im sorry its in czech language, but if there is an interest, here is the text, you can put it to google translate. The text is about what it should be in society and how important is……. Watch the video : ).

My comentar

I know it is not so epic awesome like the other ones that you maybe know. But it’s my first after one year of modeling in 3D and I’m really glad that we made it in conditions and by events we need to get through. In two months of production (only on some weekends, because I don't have much time these days) I learned so much that it feels so emotional now to write this for me. Im thankful for Musk, who stays with me, teach me, help me and supported me. It mean a lot to me.

Also Im thankful to F. who teached me some cutting program basics and made for me prerenders, because my mac air (which i love) cant handle it. K. and all of you who was here to listen when i needed it.

Thank you to Matia, who don’t hesitate and help by giving us song in need without asking.


Now I’m really emotional and thankful. Thank you all, I love you.