#Toiletparty #32c3


First thing, sorry for my horrible english. But i think you will understand me the main :)

Thank you all who visited our #toiletparty! (powered by CTJB crew)

It started on day two. I found wonderful color flags on floor. So i took them and decorated firstly our CTJB assembly.
But there were too many flags. So i decorated toilets behind our desks too :). It looked awesome!

I don't like music on lounge stage. I'm very sorry, but I can't clubbing on this. I don't understand how they can play this for hall full of people who want party and dancing wild how it can get.
So on day three (ok, maybe i drink some gintonics before :) ) i just decide to play some music on those color toilets. I put just some simple announcements on mirrors, door and on the floor i common of toilets.
And woala!



It was planned just for an hour, but i play my favourite songs for 6 hours!
Thank to support of my toilet dj mate Stick (also from CTJB) and some nice guy next to me.
We started like a joke with borrowed music box, borrowed pc and some flashing dildos :))))

This was my first time on ccc, but what i loved there?

- You start a huge party on toilets during presentations. Normally somebody come and ask to stop. CCC send us angels to help people closing door and enjoy it!
- Somebody (ccc angels?) bring bottles with water every hour
- Somebody bring huge soundsystem
- Somebody bring disco ball
- Other comes with LED lights
- everybody was so open mind and nicely with yelling welcomed every new coming people


Some tweets and co :)


So... thank you again, was epic!
Thank you for every participation, especially CTJB members :*


If you have any material, photos, tweets... send it please to me. I will give it here : )
Someone was asking about playlist I played. Enjoy my Youtube playlist : ).


See you next time!
We don’t know where.
We don’t know when.
But trust us, it will be awesome!